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The Agricultural Investments team is uniquely positioned to serve institutional investors who seek portfolio diversification into the farmland asset class. Since 1989 we have served a total of 9 institutional accounts. Today, our assets under management and custodial property management services is $1.7 billion as of March 31, 2020.

We can create customized portfolios for investors who seek diversification into the food, fiber and biofuel feedstock production sectors of the U.S. Agricultural economy.

The Agricultural Investments team also has the expertise to manage clients' Agricultural portfolio strategies including direct operations and development of permanent plantings. Read our most recent reports below.

Winter 2020
U.S. Agriculture & Timberland Semi-Annual Newsletter

Why You Should Plant
U.S. Farmland in Your Portfolio

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The Agricultural Investments team has experience in multiple regions and various commodities across the U.S. including the Pacific West,
Pacific Northwest, Corn Belt, Delta States, and Southeast.

Pistachio Farm - Fresno County, CA

This recent acquisition was part of our strategy for one of our clients by introducing producing pistachios to their portfolio that will provide near term cash flow.

Pistachio Farm 1
Pistachio Farm 2
Pistachio Farm 3
Pistachio Farm 4

Portfolio (Almonds, Pistachios, Nectarines, Table Grapes, Fresh Citrus) – Madera, Tulare, and Fresno County, CA

This recent acquisition provided the opportunity for our client to acquire a rare opportunity to buy a significant portfolio of well-developed orchards.

PAI Portfolio - Grapes
PAI Portfolio - Orchads 2
PAI Portfolio - Orchads 3
PAI Portfolio - Orchads 4

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Sources of data (unless otherwise noted) are as of 3/31/20.

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